Love Out Loud Ministries

In May of 2013, 5 men from Legacy Baptist Church decided to make sandwiches and hand them out to those in need in the downtown Fort Worth area with hopes of sharing the gospel and showing them the love Jesus offers. Since then, we have made friends, prayed with people, seen people accept Christ as their savior and watched God continue to grow this ministry to include: providing food and other items we use every day without a second thought through donations from generous people.While doing this, we met some people from a church on Lancaster St. by the name  Freedom to Worship. They meet outside 4 days a week and provide music, a message of hope, food & clothes to those living on the streets or in shelters. We have had to privilege to join with them and serve God and our community together by sharing the gospel and being a light in a dark place. We are currently serving those on Lancaster every 1st Saturday of each month. There have been many people willing to donate clothes, hygiene products, money, and their time to help serve. There is a wonderful group of ladies that prepare the meals before each trip to Lancaster which has been a huge blessing! Our future goals now are to find local businesses that are willing to contribute to this ministry with food, beverages, or any capacity where they have a desire to help. We are always looking for more people willing to make donations whether it’s with food, clothes, money or even making the trip to Lancaster St. to help serve. Let’s not also forget the importance of prayer for this ministry to be led by God and continue to be strengthened to change more lives.

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